Virtually every business can benefit from an online presence. Customers nowadays look for the online presence of a company in order to make decisions. Things like web sites and advertising for that company all play a role in the amount of customers you can reach. But, the internet is new. Technology has advanced so quickly, and visual communications have become a specialized skill that now requires the customers to have skills in order to purchase a quality service.

This is the reason SwanVC was incorporated.

There is a need for experienced web designers who are patient and able to explain the technology of digital design to customers and help them choose the best products for their business. Founder and Owner Renee Kinnison saw that many companies treat customers poorly. They give them "builders" to use, charging them money while the customer does not realize how parishable their work on the builder of that site really is. They do not explain and help to set up domains, hosting, or other aspects of a website, charging them outrageous monthly and yearly fees.

SwanVC was created to educate the customer as their order is fulfilled. There are no limits on where you can use items here. If we make you a flash banner, there is no list of 20 places max you are allowed to use it. If we make a website for you, there is no restriction on where you can use the code. Whatever we do for you belongs to you.

Our motto is "Visual Communications with Integrity and Conscience". This means we will not suggest hosting companies for your website that we have not used ourselves. We will only suggest to you the best prices for domains. We will give you choices as to web site maintenance packages with us or offer personalized training so that you can update your site yourself. We have seen digital art companies mistreat the customer too often, sometimes, sadly, without the customer even knowing. Rest assured that here, you will be provided with top quality service at a very competitive price.

But, enough about us, what can we do for you?

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"Digital art with integrity and conscience." SwanVC

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