The core of our company is website design.

We specialize in creating designs for small organizations of all types: churches and other non profits, small businesses, homeowners associations, etc.

We offer both per hour and package options to suit your needs. Our package options are based on years of experience in the industry. Most legitimate web designers do not offer package options, however we do. We know that it is important to closely manage funds and gain an idea in the beginning as to how much it will cost to complete the work. We have completed enough websites to know how many hours each type will take, so rest assured that what you see for the work listed is what you will actually pay for the work listed. Packages are often useful when you do not know exactly what you want your site to look like or you do not know what text will be required. Packages give you the ability to leave it to us. And we guarantee you will love the result.

For those who have prepared ideas, text, graphics, etc. and simply need someone to put everything together in a website, the per hour option may be ideal. For example, a person who already has their hosting, a domain, a drawing of each page they'd like on their website, and all text prepared, assuming everything is perfect, can likely have it assembled in a couple of hours, saving them hundreds.

So, whether you don't know how to go about this "website thing" or whether you do and have everything prepared and just need a designer to put your ideas into play, we have the perfect pricing schedule for your needs.

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